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Sendecki + Atom String Quartet 

Le Jardin Oublie´/ My Polish Heart 

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Vladyslav Sendecki & Atom String Quartet
Sendecki Atom String Q. @ Elbphi

Vladyslav Sendecki : Atom StringQ.

Le Jardin Oublie´/ My Polish Heart 

Vladyslav Sendecki & Atom String Quartet

* Le Jardin Oublié / My Polish Heart *

release: 16th November 2018




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Vladyslav Sendecki & Atom String Quartet

* Le Jardin Oublié / My Polish Heart *

Vladyslav Sendecki * piano

Atom String Quartet:

Dawid Lubowicz * violin

Mateusz Smoczynski * violin

Michał Zaborski * viola

Krzysztof Lenczowski * cello

NCD4198 * Neuklang/In-Akustik

Vladyslav Sendecki is one oft he most powerful and extremely creativ solo pianists of our time.

„(...) He is a long lost descendant of Schumann, Debussy and Grieg, contemporary master of small forms,

who pulled jazz tot he rank of „the second classical music“ in music history. (...) a champion of emotion

creating poignant musical virtuosity with harmonies and changing rhythms. (...)“ the Süddeutsche Zeitung

writes about the pianist and composer.

"Music has always meant freedom to me. Freedom and the exchange of thoughts and emotions – with the

audience, other musicians, and between the instrument and myself."

These are the words of Vladyslav Sendecki, a man whose background is an inseparable part of his art.

Born in Gorlice in 1955, he developed into a celebrated classical pianist at a very young age.

He first heard Weather Report and Mahavishnu at the age of fifteen, groups whose recordings – though

officially frowned upon in Poland at the time – were circulating on the black market. For Sendecki, this first

contact with jazz became a decisive and crucial experience that would define the rest of his life.

With his two jazz groups Extra Ball and Sunship, the celebrated pianist and composer was invited to perform

at major festivals across Europe; a difficult undertaking in the days of the Iron Curtain... In 1981, Sendecki

yielded to his musical passion and immigrated, first to Switzerland and then to Germany. It was not only a

brave step into freedom, but also an entrance into the jazz big time. Since then he has played alongside jazz

greats like Joe Henderson, Lenny White, Marcus Miller, Randy and Michael Brecker, Jaco Pastorius, Billy

Cobham, Till Brönner and Klaus Doldinger, to name but a few. He has also been a permanent ensemble

member of the renowned NDR Big Band since 1996.

But despite his international success, and his attachment to his chosen homeland of Germany, Vladyslav

Sendecki can't and won't deny his roots – namely his love for Poland, and his love of classical music. He

breaks through the artificial barriers between classical music and jazz like no other contemporary pianist and

composer! His passion, to live and experience music as a globally unifying social and cultural asset that

transcends all borders, is something that he actively pursues, even in his role as the artistic director of the

star Jazz Festival (Hamburg, 12 -13 October 2018).

The Atom String Quartet is arguably one of the most fascinating string quartets in the world, and at the

same time, it is one of Poland's best jazz bands.

Using the instruments of a chamber music ensemble (Dawid Lubowicz and Mateusz Smoczyński: violins,

Michał Zaborski: viola, Krzysztof Lenczowski: cello), and with a firm anchoring in the classical music

tradition, the Atom String Quartet breaks new ground in terms of sounds and structure. Their music is much

more than a bridge between jazz and classical music. Polish folk music, world-music ideas from many other

cultures, as well as compositions from contemporary music, are also sources of inspiration for their

unmistakable new string sound.

The four graduates of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, each of whom was already highly

distinguished in other ensembles, launched their Atom String Quartet in 2010. Since then, they have caused

a sensation at the world's largest music festivals, won international awards, and performed on stage with

greats like Branford Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin, Gil Goldstein, Vladyslav "Adzik" Sendcki, Mino Cinelu, Paolo

Fresu, Leszek Możdżer, Lars Danielsson, Zohar Fresco, and Jerzy Maksymiuk, to name but a few.

Vladyslav Sendecki & Atom String Quartet

* Le Jardin Oublié / My Polish Heart *

release: 16th November 2018




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Le Jardin Oublié / My Polish Heart

"With these recordings, I would like to

share a true labour of love with you. All of

my compositions on this album have

been shaped by either very personal

experiences and occurrences, or very

personal stimuli from my immediate

environment. The instrumentation – piano and string quartet – is tonally one of my absolute favourites, and

the manner of interpretation, with each of the pieces an exciting and organic blend of composition and

improvisation, is my musical credo.

We would like you to feel that mutual inspiration which my esteemed fellow musicians from the Atom String

Quartet and I were able to experience, both during the recordings at Bauer Studios, and on stage at the

Studio Konzert. New spaces have revealed themselves through our musical encounter – spaces full of

energetic concentration, sonic complexity and lyrical expression. Spaces full of freedom.

And despite, or maybe because of this complexity, it's still just music. Music for pleasure, for the love of life –

for all of us." These are Vladyslav Sendecki's own words about the album.

The pieces 1 – 4 and 6 – 10 encompass the album's title Le Jardin Oublié. It's a metaphor for the forgotten,

that which is believed to be lost, and the longed for – an inner view that gazes both into the past and the

future – even touching fragmentarily on the basic existentialist concepts of being and nonexistence.


01 * Picture Of The Past / 06:17 * Déjà vu as a stimulus for thoughts and dreams

02 * Lullaby For A Handful Kids / Kolysanka dla niesfornych dzieci / 05:26 * Based on one of the three

berceuses by Polish composer Karol Szymanowski

03 * Payed View On Tatra / 06:19 * Composed by Vladylav's brother Stefan Sendecki – a very humorous

musical look at traditional Polish music, with some deliberately knowing winks and references (throw a euro

in the coin-operated binoculars and enjoy a three minute view of the Tatra Mountains...)

04 * A Little Waltz Wunderlich / Walczyk Wunderlich / 04:45 * Dedicated to Werner Wunderlich, a great

German jazz journalist and radio presenter, who was deeply attached to the country of Poland.

05 * My Polish Heart / 19:47 * A composition by Prof. Wolf Kerschek for Vladyslav Sendecki based upon

long and intensive conversations between the two, during which a deep mutual understanding emerged on a

metaphysical level, and which became both the inspiration and basis of the music. My Polish Heart stands

for spiritual richness, for love, for creativity, and the yearning for freedom. Though this applies as a guiding

principle for everyone worldwide, the composition here is meant to be seen in an historical, geographic and

sociological context. It is also intended for a nation whose experiences count among the most tragic in global

history – and yet whose cultural treasures and values have survived.

06 * Back Where I Belong / 03:31 * A composition from 1982, when Poland was under martial law – a fond

memory of the lost homeland

07 * Kommeda Hommage / 11:13 * Two pieces by the jazz and film music composer Krzysztof Komeda

(After Catastrophe and Ballet Etude No. 3) in a version with plenty of room for improvisational freedom

08 * A Man Of A Big Heart / 01:59 * A musical dedication to a friend who gives his heart entirely to his

friends, his values, and all the beautiful things in life: art, music and culture. Thank you!

09 * Tanciec Magurski / 05:14 * Another composition by Stefan Sendecki in the characteristic style of Polish

folklore. Magura is a hill, 800m high, near the town of Gorlice, birthplace of the Sendecki brothers, and one

of their many walking destinations.

10 * Elegy / 03:00 * "In recent years, many artists from my generation have left to join the big orchestra in

heaven. But it isn't only sorrow which is expressed in this piece, it's also about hoping for the continuance

and infiniteness of memories and feelings" said Vladyslav Sendecki.

Sendecki Spiegel "Two in the Mirror"

S&S two in the mirror Cover final
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Sendecki - Spiegel Two in the Mirror

Sendecki & Spiegel…………………..……………………….…Two In The Mirror

As the name implies, the album “Two In The Mirror” points out that two highly profiled Jazz

musicians whose success mirrors far beyond Germany’s borders have found one another and joined

forces in an intriguing and unanticipated dialog. Vladyslav Sendecki is viewed as one of the most

vibrant and creative pianists on the European Jazz scene. The German newspaper Süddeutsche

Zeitung praised him as a “master of emotion who spawns gripping musical virtuosity.” In New York,

the Village Voice named him as one of the 5 currently most significant Jazz pianists in the world. Al

Jarreau’s endorsement: “Vladyslav Sendecki is highly ranked among the great pianists of the last

100 years, with Herbie, Chick and Duke and Jarrett.” On the flip side of the coin, for 15 years Jürgen

Spiegel has been the driving rhythmical force and sensitive audiophonic painter in the Tingvall Trio,

highly acclaimed worldwide and meanwhile, alongside Till Brönner, regarded as a “figurehead” for

German Jazz in an international context. What’s more, over the last few years Jürgen Spiegel has also

made a name for himself as producer for a variety of music and video projects. These days the two of

them who have made Hamburg their home hooked up in the studio for a duo project in an out-ofthe-

ordinary piano/drums constellation. Poetry meets dynamics, virtuoso talent with a fine-tuned

tête-à-tête, freedom with exchanging emotions.

In a compositional sense, both musicians are reflected in the dialog. On the opener “Meanwhile in

Heaven” composed by Jürgen Spiegel the drummer readily surprises with an elegiac moment of

convocation before “Wroong” sets the focus on decidedly dynamic dualism. On “A New Day”, a

composition by Vladyslav Sendecki that testifies to this pianist’s poetry and playing in equal

measure, it soon becomes clear how organically the two musicians mesh like gears, carrying the

listener along in a melodic flow that repeatedly has ingenious twists ready and waiting. The title tune

“Two In The Mirror” displays pure energy and gives an inkling of how live concerts will equally be

carried by the spirit of musicality, spontaneity and their joy in playing. An intense, face-to-face talk

that’s hard to turn away from while effortlessly dissolving the frontiers between Jazz, classical and

World Music.

In the course of the year the duo is going to be playing at quite a few club gigs and festival

appearances (dates at It’s a sure bet that their audiences will be delighted by

the challenging and touching moments to come.

Catalog Number : SKP 9143-2 Release Date Germany: March 29, 2019

Label / Digital Distributor: SKIP RECORDS / Kontor New Media

Playlist Tips: Meanwhile In Heaven, Wroong, A New Day, Two In The Mirror,

Good Morning Tokyo

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