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Vladyslav “Adzik” Sendecki - Pianist and Composer

"One of the most powerful and extremely creative solo pianists of our time."

"Like no other contemporary pianists, he can make jazz sound from blues to post-modern, modal explosion of improvisation to classical forms, breaking the already artificial barrier between classical music and jazz.”

“He is a long lost descendant of Schumann, Debussy and Grieg, contemporary master of small forms, who pulled jazz to the rank of “the second classical music“ in music history. Also, in the longer forms of music such as twenty-minute introduction, Sendecki turns out to be a champion of emotion who stirs poignant musical virtuosity, with harmonies and changing rhythms. As well as in his adaptation of traditional Polish lullabie, which previously served as a model to Chopin, also Polish immigrant and pianist, with whom Sendecki's completeness can be compared.“ Süddeutsche Zeitung

Vladyslav Sendecki originates "The tradition of European classical piano with echoes of American stride. However, everything is permeated by the spirit of broad Polishness, Slavic, one might say, Chopin like phrase and truly moving lyricism.”                                                                    Marek Romanesque, magazine Hi Fi

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